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Listening to all those ‘Murder’ podcasts got you depressed? Try listening to these great cartoonists’ podcasts instead.

The Weekly Humorist Podcast
Marty Dundics' The Weekly Humorist Podcast features cartoonists and comics alike. Recent guests include David deGrand & Kit Lively, Emily Flake, Bob Eckstein and Michael Shaw.

The Cartoon Pad
And speaking of Bob Eckstein and Michael Shaw, they have their own podcast The Cartoon Pad. The roster of talkers include, Victoria Roberts, Sam Viviano, Carol Isaacs, Nick Downes and Jason Chatfield.

Is There Something in This?
And speaking of Jason Chatfield, he has his podcast with partner in tooning, Scott Dooley where they generally discuss how the cartoon sausage is made for coming up with cartoon ideas.

Strip Search
The cartoonists behind ‘The Pet Peeves’ cartoon, Dave London and Pete Chianca interview cartooning professionals on Strip Search. Some notables Pat Sandy, Steve McGinn, Duane Abel and, yes, that Bob Eckstein guy again. There’s a law that every cartooning podcast that Bob has to host or appear on it.

Virtual Memory Show
And it wouldn't be a list of great cartoon podcasts if Gil Roth’s Virtual Memory Show wasn’t included. His who’s who list includes Barry Blitt, Liza Donnelly, Jules Feiffer, Sam Gross, and you guessed it... Bob Eckstein!