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For many years the Gag Recap was a staple for cartoonist/gag writers everywhere. Unfortunately with the passing of Bill Keough the magazine stopped circulation a few years ago. I am excited to announce "The New" Gag Recap! The New Gag Recap is delivered monthly by email. It is a comprehensive roundup of the latest cartoons published. The New Gag Recap will also include information on new and existing markets for cartoonists and writers.

What top cartoonist freelancers are saying

New Yorker Cartoonist Kaamran Hafeez
“Read through the Gag Recap or the publications themselves to see what the editors are buying. In it you’ll find a list of all publications currently accepting submissions and their submission guidelines, as well as a recap of all cartoons published each month. It is a comprehensive roundup of the latest cartoons published and is incredibly useful for anyone interested in breaking into the cartoon markets.”

Reader’s Digest Cartoonist Steve Smeltzer
'Thanks again for the tremendous job with New Gag ReCap! Stellar job! This is so helpful! It makes a world of difference for me. Absolutely a fantastic job on your version of Gag Recap!!!!'

Bill Abbott (Creator of Speckticles)
'Hi Van – I sure can – I recommend it to every cartoonist I know who asks about markets: The Gaga Recap is an essential resource for cartoonists – it’s everything you need to know to get appropriate work in front of editors who are buying now.'

Wall Street Journal Cartoonist Deana Gottschalk
'Right after subscribing to the new Gag Recap, I found an email address for one of the magazines I had lost touch with, so I sent some PDFs to the editor and heard back from her that same day. She bought two cartoons. It certainly paid to subscribe. Thanks for the work you do'

Bill Thomas
'Van's New Gag Recap is an invaluable resource to increase your cartoon sales. It did for me. He is a hub of cartoon information, constantly gathering vital data from magazines and cartoonists alike. Two thumbs up.'

Randy Glasbergen
'Very happy to have discovered New Gag Recap I’ve been a subscriber to GRC since 1972, back when I was still in high school! I feel like I’ve just been reunited with an old friend.'

Cartoonist T. Russell Harris
of the Saturday Evening Post 'Thanks for all the hard work you put into this! Each issue gets better and better!'.

Prolific freelance cartoonist Roy Delgado
(Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Readers Digest, etc) 'Do yourself a favor and immediately place on your 'must-do' list:  Subscribe to   ' The New Gag Recap' . . . Every big, fat issue is chock full of Important information  regarding new markets constantly being pioneered (with rates), recapping of cartoons of all the current regular buying markets . . . and edited by a dedicated professional in the business.   A great source to stimulate your gray matter for new gag ideas, current trends, gag switches, etc.  Wouldn't dream of doing WITHOUT IT ! "  - Nuf sed., Hurry up, shut up and D.I.N. ( Do It Now ) !'

Harvard Business Review Cartoonist Paul Kales
In the few months of its existence, the New Gag Recap has proved its value in so many ways, by opening up and evaluating new markets, by keeping me up to date on what is being published in the existing markets, and by providing a 'Sounding Board" for sharing ideas with other cartoonists and gag writers.  It is an essential tool for any cartoonist trying to navigate in today's shrinking and competitive environment.

New Yorker Cartoonist Cameron Harvey
“Every cartoonist needs three things to be successful in today's market: talent, a unique voice, and a subscription to the New Gag Recap. The New Gag Recap subscription is the best $7 dollars I spent every month. My work has gotten in to markets I didn't even think I could get in to, all thanks to the New Gag Recap. I have neither the time nor the talent to sleep with enough editors to get my work published. The Gag Recap does that work for me. My subscription to the Gag Recap earned me enough to pay for itself in the first month, and the next decade after that. I want to focus my time on creating cartoons, not tracking down leads. The Gag Recap lets me do that. That is priceless. Markets, editors, and magazines are forever shifting and changing. The Gag Recap keeps track of that so I don't have to.”