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Wall Street Journal Cartoonist Martha Gradisher The first time I used the (au currant) info from Recap I sold 3 cartoons to the Wallstreet Journal. I spread the news at a regular lunch in Raleigh and all were eager to find out more. It is so much more useful and updated than the snail like Cartoonist Market. 

Woman’s World Cartoonist Ron Ross I especially like the way The New Gag ReCap lists a publisher and gives the price they pay for cartoons.  Also I like it when they list both the email and the postal address.

Oldie Cartoonist Ron Morgan “Already getting sales from the first issue”.

Barron’s Cartoonist Jonny Hawkins The gag recap is my favorite tool to spark creative ideas and to find the most appropriate markets for my cartoons.

Scott Nickel MAD Magacine Cartoonist & Creator of EEK! Gag Recap was always an invaluable resource for cartoonists and humor writers and The New Gag Recaps’ new digital version is even better! I love the pdf format that I can easily file on my desktop — and actually find when I need it, unlike my jumbled paper files. I've already found a few new markets thanks to it.

Woman’s World Cartoonist Bob Vojtko GREAT JOB!!! Thanks for all your hard work and determination to bring Gag Recap back!!!! EXCELLENT!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've OUTDONE yourself again!!!! Great looking issue!!!! Love the new logo too!! I do hope you're having enough fun with this to keep it going FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Wall Street Journal Cartoonist Dave Carpenter The New Gag-Recap is outstanding! 

UK Cartoonist Rob Nesbitt 'Cartoonists come in two categories.  Genius minds that can think up gags at the drop of a hat (the minority) and mere mortals (the majority) like myself who have to scratch our heads, pace up and down for hours and chew pencils before the right gag comes along. As a British cartoonist the Gagrecap was not on my radar until recently.  I wish I had seen it years ago as it is a revelation - providing so many ideas for gags, new slants on old themes and so many twists and turns for the creative mind.  Nearly all cartoon gags are recycled and this fantastic resource puts them right at the tip of your pen and as an added bonus tells you how and where to send your masterpieces!' Rob Nesbitt

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